We pay you for the analysis of roads by our BadRoads application

In order to register a review properly, you must take a screenshot of it and upload it onto the platform.
Once you send the screenshot of the review to our email badroads.info@gmail.com , we will send you 1 dollar paypal.

What are the  rules to do the reviews?

It’s mandatory to follow these guidelines when submitting reviews:

1. Download BadRoads app and try it. Take your time and thoroughly try out the app or game.
2. The length of a review has to be at least 10 words.
3. The review has to be truthful and contain good content. It is not allowed to copy and paste the same text for different reviews neither to copy the description of the app in order to use it as a review.
4. It is mandatory to have the app installed on the device for at least 5 days.
5. You should not rate more than 10 apps a day.
Other important points:

– Android emulators for PC or similar tools are not allowed. Apps must be downloaded and tested on an Android or iOS device.
– Each user is allowed to have only one account. A user having multiple accounts will result in the deactivation of all the user’s accounts.