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The BadRoads application analyzes the quality of roads and builds a color map of pavement quality.

Road Quality:

  • Green light – good road;
  • Yellow light – satisfactory road quality;
  • Red light – bad road.

The application is completely free. BadRoads can be downloaded for iPhone app_store or for Android Phones google_play

The BadRoads application can work in automatic (background) mode and in the mode of photo-recording of road conditions.

Work of BadRoads in automatic mode of road quality analysis:

In order for the BadRoads application to work in the automatic (background) mode, it’s enough to launch the application (open the tab with the map) and drive by car. Next, the application will transmit information about the state of the road while in the background, and at that time you can open your other favorite applications, such as Google maps, Uber, etc. (But do not close BadRoads from the list of open applications). The application will automatically collect information from sensors in the phone about the quality of roads and transfer this information to the server. Once a day all collected information on the server is processed and an updated visual map of the quality of roads is built.

Work of BadRoads in the mode of fixing the state of road quality:

Sometimes it happens that the condition of the road is so bad that it is impossible to drive by car. In this case, you can take pictures of terrible roads and send us photos by this application. We will analyze your photos and put terrible roads into our base.

When new data on the state of roads appear, we inform our users about it. In the settings, you can choose which alerts you want to receive.

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