Free services:

For municipalities are available IMPERSONALLY road quality data (coordinates and road quality index in this coordinate) that were collected by users.

Paid services:

– Analysis of quality roads by our capacity – 10 US dollars / (1km lane road).

We provide a paid service for the analysis of the quality of the road surface for municipalities by means of trailer “Explorer”. The cost of the service is 10 U.S. dollars / 1 km (one lane of the road).

Analysis procedure:

  • The client determines the road segment, which is a etalon-quality, the length of the section must be at least 500 m along one strip. We analyze this section and calibrate the equipment.
  • We perform the analysis according to the client-defined route.
  • We process the data, create a visual road quality map and transfer the data to the client (the map is accessible only by reference and can be accessible to all users only with the client’s consent)