Team management training for NATO defense force managers

Team management training for NATO defense force managers

Our leadership training program is designed to develop the effective leadership skills needed to achieve strategic goals in today’s military environment.

The success of the team directly depends on the managerial qualities of the leader. Our course helps leaders develop these skills beyond traditional management programs, with a focus on the team life cycle, intergenerational dynamics and key member needs.

The course provides a systematic understanding of group dynamics and methods for achieving maximum team cohesion and productivity.

The training program is built on the time-tested group management model of the famous American psychologist Bruce Tuckman, which guarantees its effectiveness and relevance.

The course assumes that participants have a basic understanding of management principles, which allows them to focus their training on more advanced and specific aspects of team management.

We are ready to tailor the course to the specific needs of your field to best suit your unique requirements and goals.

Your trainer is Larisa Stirskaia, a recognized professional with more than 10 years of experience in human capital management in leading Ukrainian companies. Her signature team management programs have been attended by thousands of participants from 13 countries. Some of these courses have HRCI and PMI Certification