About Us

Innovating for a Safer Tomorrow

Welcome to BadRoads, where pioneering research and innovative solutions redefine the landscape of defense technology. As a dynamic startup, our focus lies not in production, but in groundbreaking research and development, especially in the realms of artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced defense systems.

Our Mission

At BadRoads, our mission is crystal clear: To harness the power of AI to develop state-of-the-art defense solutions and provide unparalleled training and services. We are committed to advancing the field of defense technology through rigorous research, innovative software development, and hands-on training programs.

Core Areas of Expertise

AI-Powered Weapon Systems: We are at the forefront of developing weapon systems integrated with AI, paving the way for smarter, more efficient defense strategies.


Spike Neural Networks and YOLOv7: Our team is deeply involved in researching Spike Neural Networks and YOLOv7, exploring their potential applications in real-world defense scenarios.


AI-Based Air Defense Systems: Recognizing the sky as a critical frontier, we are dedicated to the development of AI-driven air defense systems, focusing on enhancing accuracy and response times.

Dynamic Protection Against AI Recognition: In the era of intelligent warfare, we develop solutions to safeguard military assets from AI recognition, ensuring operational security and strategic advantage.


Road Quality Analysis Service: Our technological prowess extends to civilian applications, including a service for analyzing road quality with a comprehensive visualization map, contributing to infrastructure development and public safety.


NATO Defense Force Manager Training: Understanding the importance of leadership in military operations, we offer specialized team management training for NATO defense force managers, equipping them with the skills to lead in high-stakes environments effectively.

Our Approach

As a startup our strength lies in our intellectual and innovative capabilities. We focus on research, software development, and creating experimental models. Our team comprises experts in various fields, working synergistically to push the boundaries of defense technology.

Meet Our Publishing Authors

Larisa Stirskaia

Chief Human Resources Officer

Roman Stirskyi

Chief Technology Officer