Research and development of air defense systems based on AI

Our startup is dedicated to the research and development of advanced air defense systems empowered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Research on Spike Neural Networks, YOLOv7, Deep reinforcement learning

We're committed to advancing the field of artificial intelligence through focused research on Spike Neural Networks (SNNs), YOLOv7, and Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL).

Creating dynamic protection for military against AI recognition

The battlefield has transformed, and the invisible enemy of AI-driven recognition systems presents a new kind of threat — one that is relentless,

Team management training for NATO defense force managers

The training program is built on the time-tested group management model of the famous American psychologist Bruce Tuckman, which guarantees its effectiveness and relevance.

Research and development of weapon systems based on AI

Our mission is to research and develop sophisticated AI-based weapon systems that enhance strategic defense capabilities.

Service for analyzing roads quality with a visualization map

BadRoads, a mobile application designed to transform how we perceive and assess road quality. Our startup is to advance road quality analysis through research and the development of innovative technologies.
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