Roman Stirskyi

Chief Technology Officer

Meet Our Chief Technology Officer

At the heart of Badroads innovation and research is our Chief Technology Officer, [Your Name]. With a passion for advancing defense technology through AI, Roman Stirskyi leads our efforts in pioneering the development of AI-based weapon systems and air defense solutions.

Roman Stirskyi expertise is deeply rooted in cutting-edge AI research, including Spike Neural Networks, YOLOv7, and deep reinforcement learning. This knowledge is crucial in driving the creation of dynamic military protection systems against AI recognition, a testament to our commitment to evolving defense strategies.

Beyond defense, Roman Stirskyi is instrumental in developing our unique service for analyzing road quality, utilizing advanced visualization maps. This project reflects our broader vision of applying innovative technology for both military and civilian applications.

As our CTO, Roman Stirskyi role is pivotal in steering our startup’s research directions and technological developments. With a clear focus on practical and impactful applications, [Your Name] embodies our mission to blend research, technology, and real-world utility without the confines of traditional production facilities.